5 Things We’re Thankful For This Season

Can you believe that tomorrow is Thanksgiving? Yeah, I know, me neither. Amongst the hustle of holiday travel, cooking and cleaning, preparing for family and friends to arrive, and trying to locate Grandma’s famous stuffing recipe, it’s always important to pause and be thankful for many things. And companies are not excluded from doing so! Here at StarStar, we wanted to take a moment and give thanks to the top five items that keep us running!

1. Our superb customers!
We are so fortunate to have an abundance of amazing brands using StarStar numbers to connect to their audience. From retail, to media, sports, travel and insurance, companies such as American Family Insurance, Omaha Steaks, CBS Radio, NHL, NFL, Nickelodeon and Ford have realized immense success with our platform. We’re equally excited to be adding new clients every day that are using StarStar in innovative ways to bridge the gap between mobile, online and offline.

2. Projected mobile growth
There’s no shortage of data points that excite us when it comes to our space. We have nowhere to go but up, and we’re really thankful for all the game-changing technologies that have made mobile consumers smarter, faster and easier to connect to. Here are a few of our favorite mobile statistics from 2013:

  • 91% of all people on earth have a mobile phone
  • 56% of people own a smart phone
  • 80% of smartphone owners use their devices while watching TV at least once a week
  • 50% of mobile phone users, use mobile as their primary Internet source
  • 80% of time on mobile is spent inside apps
  • 84% use their smartphones to research products and find coupons and deals

3. Consumer privacy
Recent changes to the TCPA rules might have many marketers scrambling to update their SMS experiences, but we fully support and believe in consumer privacy. Why? It keeps all of us (marketers, brands and vendors) honest. After all, there is no point in marketing to people who really just don’t want it. Become relevant, and stay relevant, and audiences will continue to raise their hand to receive your promotions!

4. Our investors
Earlier this year, we announced a Series E investment of $15 million. Our investors, who include, Founders Circle Capital, Jackson Hole Group, Highland Capital Partners, Rogers Venture Partners and Worldview Technology Partners, have always been supportive and a driving force behind our company’s continuous growth and success. We look forward to another successful and innovative year in 2014!

5. Our employees giants-game
Last and certainly not least, we at Zoove wouldn’t be anywhere without our fantastic team of engineers, mobile experts, marketing, client services and sales professionals!  Thank you to all of you for helping Zoove innovate and maintain a leadership position in the mobile space!

Happy Thanksgiving!