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Zoove Joins Mblox

Today, mBlox announces the completion of two acquisitions: next-generation, mobile messaging provider CardBoardFish and StarStar® service provider Zoove. The agreements bring together the mobile messaging industry’s leaders in scale and scalability while extending the Mblox product line to add new voice and messaging features for its reseller partners and direct clients.

Mblox is the largest Application to Person (A2P) mobile messaging provider in the world, trusted by more companies to carry their mission-critical traffic than any other service. As the industry’s most experienced Tier One SMS aggregator, Mblox provides reliable, uncompromising connections and create positive brand experiences that transform numbers into profitable relationships.

3 Ways to Engage With Consumers This Summer

I thought this winter was never going to end, but thankfully it did and I am ready to enjoy the heat.  We only have a couple of months to enjoy it before we start sending our children off to their first day of Kindergarten, or packing up their cars and sending them on their way to college.  Nonetheless, we are now standing at the edge of the back-to-school shopping pool, and both consumers and retailers are itching to jump in faster than ever(hopefully without their phones in their pockets).

Three Ways to Take Mobile Cross-Channel

It’s true, mobile’s influence on consumers is reaching far beyond which device and apps you choose to download, it’s actually inspired a new breed of consumer habits and expectations, and in turn, is shaping consumers’ interactions with all marketing channels.

iMedia Connections

How to stay out of the app wasteland

How to stay out of the app wasteland

Why Out-of-Control Social Conversations Are a Good Thing

We’ve all seen it before: “Like this page if…”; “Comment with your favorite thing about…”—etcetera. That collective sigh you’re hearing is a fairly standard response to these overused phrases which have become the telltale sign of a company trying to force a conversation on social media. Sorry, but if National Cat Day, is your company’s ace-in-the-hole for getting people to engage online, it may be time for a social media intervention.

Boost Your Mobile Strategy With These 3 Tips

Mobile commerce and strategy is a new era of growth, spurred on by increased consumer usage of mobile devices for searching, shopping, promotions, marketing and buying both on-device and in-store. Campaigns are becoming more interactive, mobile traffic and search is gaining on web, and social media usage has shifted to a mobile-first activity.

Why Out-of-Control Social Brand Conversations Are a Good Thing

Why Out-of-Control Social Brand Conversations Are a Good Thing

Engage Moms On Their Terms: In The Moment And On The Go

Volumes could be written about the various ways to engage mothers with mobile, but for now I want to focus on one specific tactic that has proven, both in the field and through independent research, to help drive moms to make purchases. I’m talking about strategic in-store messaging paired with mobile activated calls-to-action that deliver relevant, in-the-moment incentives to influence or cement purchasing decisions while moms are on the go.

Death of an Email Salesman, Rise of the Mobile Superhero

Email has enjoyed a nice run as a powerful marketing vehicle. In fact, many marketers who came of age in the digital era have hinged their careers on it.  Emails became smarter with optimized design, segmentation and personalized offers. We learned how to rapidly grow databases and strategized remarketing practices. Heck, analytics gurus and excel wizards had nothing on us when it came to proving our worth with numbers.

4 Reasons Your Mobile Channel is Falling Behind + How to Get Back on Track

Let’s cut to the chase. Mobile is moving faster than most of us can keep up. Consumers are in the driver’s seat and becoming increasingly demanding about how they can access your content—and the experience than comes with it. Identify if you’re falling behind and get moving on some new campaigns, or suffer the consequences.