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3 Ways to Engage With Consumers This Summer

I thought this winter was never going to end, but thankfully it did and I am ready to enjoy the heat.  We only have a couple of months to enjoy it before we start sending our children off to their first day of Kindergarten, or packing up their cars and sending them on their way to college.  Nonetheless, we are now standing at the edge of the back-to-school shopping pool, and both consumers and retailers are itching to jump in faster than ever(hopefully without their phones in their pockets).

Boost Your Mobile Strategy With These 3 Tips

Mobile commerce and strategy is a new era of growth, spurred on by increased consumer usage of mobile devices for searching, shopping, promotions, marketing and buying both on-device and in-store. Campaigns are becoming more interactive, mobile traffic and search is gaining on web, and social media usage has shifted to a mobile-first activity.

Retailers Must Act Now for Innovating with Mobile for Back-to-School Campaigns

The life of a retail marketer is always focused on the next big campaign—from Christmas, to Valentine’s Day, Easter and then Back-to-School—it’s a never-ending cycle of seasonal shifts. However, as consumers become increasingly mobilized, this year retailers will have take advantage of the smartphone if they want to stay ahead of the competition. However, retailers should remember that even just trying a few mobile ideas will be 10x than ignoring it all together. So, as you start to gather August targets and ideas, take a cue from these five retailers getting it right with their on-the-go audience:

3 Brands Using Mobile to Enhance In-Stadium Sports Experiences

The Super Bowl may be over, but there’s still plenty of opportunity left this year to engage with sports fans. Think about it: when was the last time you went to a sporting event and didn’t use your phone…to text, browse or snap photos? And with the number of ads flooding these stadiums, now is the time to play into the hands of fans and use mobile to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing.

Is a Mobile App the Right Move For Your Brand?

Apps, apps everywhere. These days it seems like everyone has an app. From retailers, banks health clubs, and travel companies, everyone has seemingly found a way to translate their site to an app. Right, wrong or indifferent, the real problem is with app stores hosting nearly one million apps, the probability of your app actually being used—and therefore an ROI success story—is shrinking.