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Measure Twice, Cut Once: Understanding Your Mobile Marketing Success

A recent Forrester Report cited that nearly 37% of marketers don’t have a defined objective when it comes to mobile marketing measurement. However, what might be more terrifying than not keeping up with the latest and greatest mobile technology, however, is not knowing how to measure and analyze the data gathered through those efforts.

Mobile and Social’s Fast Track to the First Screen

The reigning “first screen,” television, still has its place in the lives of consumers, but that place is usually restricted to the living room. But since mobile content is so intimately about us — our location, our desires, our relationships, our likes and dislikes — it will soon be inevitable: phones are the first screen. TV, you’re now playing second fiddle.

6 Mobile Lessons Learned in 2013

2013 saw many brands, early- and late-adopters alike, continue to embrace mobile: some things worked, some things didn’t, and for some new technologies and tactics their long-term viability is yet to be seen. Regardless, there are always lessons to be learned that we as marketers can apply going forward.

5 Things We’re Thankful For This Season

Here at StarStar, we wanted to take a moment and give thanks to the top five items that keep us running!

Advertising, TV and Mobile: The Perfect Marriage

50% of smartphone owners use their devices while watching TV on a daily basis, and 80% use it at least once a week. With numbers like that, advertisers simply cannot miss the chance to use mobile to not only engage their audiences, but fully understand the value and efficacy of media buys.

4 Ways Travel Brands Can Go Mobile This Holiday Season

The holidays are a time to be with friends and family from near and far.   That being said, most of us find ourselves flying across the country just to savor Grandma’s “famous stuffing”.  While high-priced flights may be unavoidable, there are other ways travel brands can help on-the-go consumers feel slightly less stressed, and even more empowered from the palm of their hand.


New TCPA Regulations: Trick or Treat?

Halloween has come and gone, but the new TCPA regulations are possibly still haunting your mobile marketing efforts. But before your entire team panics about the new regulations, the good news is these changes present both a challenge and an opportunity for mobile marketers. If SMS messaging is going to be a part of your mobile marketing strategy, there are a few innovative ways to get your audience excited to opt-in to your marketing programs, and keep your campaigns compliant.


Making the Most of SoLoMo Efforts with Mobile-Centric Strategies

We’ve only begun to scratch the surface of SoLoMo’s potential. Most brands are slow to adopt mobile marketing in general, let alone successfully integrating it into the entire marketing mix. Now that mobile has put consumers in the driver’s seat, it’s time to focus on how we can use it to continuously propagate our social and local efforts — both of which are highly crucial to not only attracting new customers, but holding on to them, as well as getting them to buy from us, over and over.

Reviving Omnichannel Mobile Strategies with the Dial Pad

News flash: mobile is not a series of independent initiatives such as “a text campaign,” “a mobile website” or “an app.” Why? Because mobile has the power to be an additive — and influential — component of every single marketing and media channel.

Five New Ways to Drive Mobile Commerce During the Holidays

At this very moment, your (would-be) customers are on their smartphones looking for anything that will help them shop better, become more informed and connect to brands in a more meaningful way. And, hint: mobile banner ads aren’t the only answer. Good news is, there’s a lot more to mobile than ads, and if you want to be atop the holiday game, you’re going to have to think beyond the 320 x 50 box.