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Three Ways to Take Mobile Cross-Channel

It’s true, mobile’s influence on consumers is reaching far beyond which device and apps you choose to download, it’s actually inspired a new breed of consumer habits and expectations, and in turn, is shaping consumers’ interactions with all marketing channels.

6 Mobile Lessons Learned in 2013

2013 saw many brands, early- and late-adopters alike, continue to embrace mobile: some things worked, some things didn’t, and for some new technologies and tactics their long-term viability is yet to be seen. Regardless, there are always lessons to be learned that we as marketers can apply going forward.

Reviving Omnichannel Mobile Strategies with the Dial Pad

News flash: mobile is not a series of independent initiatives such as “a text campaign,” “a mobile website” or “an app.” Why? Because mobile has the power to be an additive — and influential — component of every single marketing and media channel.