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Engage Moms On Their Terms: In The Moment And On The Go

Volumes could be written about the various ways to engage mothers with mobile, but for now I want to focus on one specific tactic that has proven, both in the field and through independent research, to help drive moms to make purchases. I’m talking about strategic in-store messaging paired with mobile activated calls-to-action that deliver relevant, in-the-moment incentives to influence or cement purchasing decisions while moms are on the go.

M-commerce: A New Secret Weapon for Bricks-and-Mortar Success

The online shopping experience has many benefits: access to unlimited inventory, quick search capabilities, and overall convenience. But it lacks one key element: human interaction. Before making a purchase, consumers often want to try out products — to see and touch them, or get a second opinion. In fact, a recent IBM survey reveals that nearly nine out of ten consumers still finalize their purchases in-store.

Five New Ways to Drive Mobile Commerce During the Holidays

At this very moment, your (would-be) customers are on their smartphones looking for anything that will help them shop better, become more informed and connect to brands in a more meaningful way. And, hint: mobile banner ads aren’t the only answer. Good news is, there’s a lot more to mobile than ads, and if you want to be atop the holiday game, you’re going to have to think beyond the 320 x 50 box.

How to Boost Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates

A new breed of coupons, special offers, and promotion tactics has arrived alongside mobile. According to eMarketer, mobile coupon users will top out at a whopping 46 million in 2013—providing marketers with a new way to think about and deliver discounts to consumers. But getting that experience right can make or break the success of the campaign.