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3 Ways to Engage With Consumers This Summer

I thought this winter was never going to end, but thankfully it did and I am ready to enjoy the heat.  We only have a couple of months to enjoy it before we start sending our children off to their first day of Kindergarten, or packing up their cars and sending them on their way to college.  Nonetheless, we are now standing at the edge of the back-to-school shopping pool, and both consumers and retailers are itching to jump in faster than ever(hopefully without their phones in their pockets).

Why Out-of-Control Social Conversations Are a Good Thing

We’ve all seen it before: “Like this page if…”; “Comment with your favorite thing about…”—etcetera. That collective sigh you’re hearing is a fairly standard response to these overused phrases which have become the telltale sign of a company trying to force a conversation on social media. Sorry, but if National Cat Day, is your company’s ace-in-the-hole for getting people to engage online, it may be time for a social media intervention.

Retailers Must Act Now for Innovating with Mobile for Back-to-School Campaigns

The life of a retail marketer is always focused on the next big campaign—from Christmas, to Valentine’s Day, Easter and then Back-to-School—it’s a never-ending cycle of seasonal shifts. However, as consumers become increasingly mobilized, this year retailers will have take advantage of the smartphone if they want to stay ahead of the competition. However, retailers should remember that even just trying a few mobile ideas will be 10x than ignoring it all together. So, as you start to gather August targets and ideas, take a cue from these five retailers getting it right with their on-the-go audience:

3 Ways Brands Are Using Mobile To Power Donations And Fundraising

With the Olympics in full swing, we’re seeing a lot of brands using the power of goodwill to put their s sponsorships to good use. This act of marrying charity and sponsorship marketing is paving the way for a new type of giving: mobile powered donations. Which got me thinking: how did we ever handle charitable donations on a mass level without it taking months to fulfill?

5 Types of Mobile Content That Really Drive User Engagement

To many, the mere mention of “mobile marketing” conjures images of apps, unexpected SMS pushes, and QR codes. But news flash: your brand’s presence on users’ devices isn’t limited to these or even to mobile sites and/or intrusive mobile advertising. There are many types of mobile content that can procure engagement, but there are five that stand out as particularly effective. See how the following types of content can work either independently to produce compelling, real-time results or in tandem with your other marketing channels to bridge otherwise disparate efforts.

Mobile and Social’s Fast Track to the First Screen

The reigning “first screen,” television, still has its place in the lives of consumers, but that place is usually restricted to the living room. But since mobile content is so intimately about us — our location, our desires, our relationships, our likes and dislikes — it will soon be inevitable: phones are the first screen. TV, you’re now playing second fiddle.