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Why Out-of-Control Social Conversations Are a Good Thing

We’ve all seen it before: “Like this page if…”; “Comment with your favorite thing about…”—etcetera. That collective sigh you’re hearing is a fairly standard response to these overused phrases which have become the telltale sign of a company trying to force a conversation on social media. Sorry, but if National Cat Day, is your company’s ace-in-the-hole for getting people to engage online, it may be time for a social media intervention.

3 Ways Brands Are Using Mobile To Power Donations And Fundraising

With the Olympics in full swing, we’re seeing a lot of brands using the power of goodwill to put their s sponsorships to good use. This act of marrying charity and sponsorship marketing is paving the way for a new type of giving: mobile powered donations. Which got me thinking: how did we ever handle charitable donations on a mass level without it taking months to fulfill?

Advertising, TV and Mobile: The Perfect Marriage

50% of smartphone owners use their devices while watching TV on a daily basis, and 80% use it at least once a week. With numbers like that, advertisers simply cannot miss the chance to use mobile to not only engage their audiences, but fully understand the value and efficacy of media buys.

Reviving Omnichannel Mobile Strategies with the Dial Pad

News flash: mobile is not a series of independent initiatives such as “a text campaign,” “a mobile website” or “an app.” Why? Because mobile has the power to be an additive — and influential — component of every single marketing and media channel.

Using the ‘Second Screen’ to Your Marketing Advantage

Most of us have our smartphones or tablets (or both) nearby most of the time—especially when engaging in more passive activities like watching TV, listening to music, or surfing the net. We’re all multitasking all the time, whether we’re aware of it or not.