Engage Moms On Their Terms: In The Moment And On The Go

Volumes could be written about the various ways to engage mothers with mobile, but for now I want to focus on one specific tactic that has proven, both in the field and through independent research, to help drive moms to make purchases. I’m talking about strategic in-store messaging paired with mobile activated calls-to-action that deliver relevant, in-the-moment incentives to influence or cement purchasing decisions while moms are on the go.

How effective are real-time mobile incentives?
Marketing Charts, a Watershed Publishing publication, recently ran a study that details how in-store messaging drives two out of three impulse buys, and this is particularly true for mothers with 68% of the respondents saying that they have been influenced by in-store messaging before making purchases. Combine this data with the fact that female respondents were 70% more likely than average to download and redeem mobile coupons or discounts a trend emerges that offers brands and marketers actionable tactics for increasing engagement and driving revenues.

What this means for brands looking to influence buying decisions with mothers at or immediately preceding the point of purchase is that they must ensure their advertising appears in bricks and mortar retail locations, and, if possible, those advertisements should include a mobile component that will deliver tangible value to a potential customer and help entice the purchase.

So the research tells us one thing, but what about real life?
Two brands that understand the value of this tactic are Target and Nickelodeon. These companies have strong ties to both mothers and their children and they teamed up to use mobile to provide targeted content and rewards based around Nick’s “Dora Rocks” products to customers while they were in the store.

The interesting piece of the campaign, however, is that they used mobile to deliver unique and relevant content to moms and their children simultaneously. For moms who responded to the in-store messaging on their mobile devices they received a digital coupon for money off anything related to Nickelodeon’s “Dora the Explorer” while also delivering exclusive Dora audio content for the enjoyment of their children. The end result was that mom got the discount and the kids received free entertainment all from the same, simple mobile campaign. The promotion was a success garnering a 30% coupon redemption rate and enticing engagement at a rate 10 times higher than normal for prior initiatives that didn’t include a digital component.

Moms are always on the go and in need for ways to save a little money. Help them out by leveraging in-store advertising and pairing that with relevant mobile content and discounts to put your brand’s message in front moms on their own terms. Not to mention, give them powerful incentives to engage with your company immediately and in the future. Moms are a powerful market and building a mutually beneficial relationship with them will only strengthen your bottom line and help create sustainability for your business.