StarStar Mobile Privacy Statement

Key Principles

StarStar Mobile connects brands and consumers through the StarStar Mobile platform, a product of StarStar Mobile company.  We are committed to providing a consumer driven experience — which means we require our advertising partners to create reasonable expectations in their campaigns as to any personalized information they collect.  We do not collect callers’ names or addresses in our databases and do not otherwise try to link StarStar Mobile callers to personal information.  The reports we provide brands are limited to aggregate anonymous data that can be used for the purpose of determining the success of a given campaign.


Log Information: The StarStar Mobile platform logs certain information each time a user calls a StarStar Mobile number to provide the service of routing StarStar Mobile callers to a brand partner’s mobile-phone capable destination. This may include a person’s mobile telephone number, the number called, as well as information provided by the carrier to process the call, including cell site ID and mobile device ID.

Analytics Information: In some cases, StarStar Mobile may collect additional information using standard mobile analytics tools to analyze the user’s interaction with the brand online.

Location Information: StarStar Mobile collects cell tower site ID location information from StarStar Mobile number calls.  Brands may implement campaigns that require users to provide more specific location information (e.g. by clicking on one’s location on a Google Map.)  We require that consumers be notified of this (1) through reasonable notice in the campaign text that location information will be collected and (2) a second opt-in to revealing the user’s location as described in the MMA’s Mobile Advertising Guidelines.

Security and Data Retention

StarStar Mobile uses industry standard practices to store user information online.  All data is kept for a minimum of two years to comply with mobile carrier reporting requirements.

Sharing with customers: We will only share aggregate anonymous data about a particular campaign with our customers.  This includes data that does not identify a subscriber individually or when combined with other information does not enable a subscriber to be identified individually.  We use both technological measures and contractual terms designed to prevent re-identification of anonymous data. If one partner purchases multiple StarStar Mobile numbers for a series of related campaigns, it may share aggregate anonymous information across those groupings of StarStar Mobile numbers to provide metrics to the brands about their overall success.

In some cases customers’ advertising campaigns that utilize StarStar Mobile may deliver serialized messages to callers, and in some of these cases we will partner with advertisers and/or their partner companies to deliver these messages. In these cases, we will securely provide the mobile phone numbers of callers for a given campaign to a advertiser or their partner for the explicit execution of a campaign.  We only do this in explicit observation of the MMA, CTIA, our own, and wireless carriers’ policies that subscribers must be made aware that they will receive serialized messages, and that subscribers mobile phone numbers may only be used to send message for the specific campaign.

Sharing with carrier partners: We share information collected from StarStar Mobile numbers calls with carriers for the purposes of revenue determination and service troubleshooting.

Legal process

StarStar Mobile responds to legal requests only with appropriate legal process.

Notice: StarStar Mobile maintains an updated privacy statement for the StarStar Mobile service, a website privacy policy and a privacy point of contact on our website.